Project Coordinator for Wash and Learn Initiative in San Antonio

Position: Project Coordinator

Location: San Antonio, TX

Employment : Contractor, 3-4 months, no benefits

Salary: $2,400 per month

About Libraries Without Borders

Libraries Without Borders (LWB) is an education non-profit that promotes access to information for underserved communities across the United States and around the world. We partner with libraries, schools, tutoring programs and local nonprofits to transform laundromats, housing lobbies, parks, and a variety of public spaces into places of lifelong learning — from basic reading, writing and computer skills to health, legal, and financial literacy. By equipping local nonprofits and leaders with the tools and training they need to provide relevant and reliable information to their communities, we meet people where they are, bridge the digital divide, reduce poverty, promote civic engagement and strengthen communities.

Internationally, LWB has designed, implemented, and evaluated library programs in refugee camps, remote villages, and disaster relief contexts since 2007. Our US programs have won numerous awards, including the Google Impact Challenge and the Library of Congress International Literacy Award.

About the Wash and Learn Initiative

The Wash and Learn Initiative (WALI) is a collaboration between library systems, small business owners, and local nonprofits that brings relevant information and critical services to underserved communities through the laundromat. Now across 8 different states, WALI creates pop-up libraries in laundromats, places where families return to every week and spend on average 90 minutes waiting for their laundry. These pop-up libraries include computers, specialized software, offline servers, and access to programming on a variety of topics relevant to local needs and interests -- from English language learning to tax preparation and beyond. LWB also trains librarians and community-based organizations on best practices for facilitating fun and participatory programming inside the laundromat. We measure how outreach enables individuals to learn key 21st skills and to connect with local organizations, either by signing up for a library card, enrolling in an after-school education program, or making an appointment with a legal, medical, or financial provider. Lastly, we partner with the Coin Laundry Association, a national network of laundromat owners, to ensure that small business owners take pride in this work and foster its growth.

Thanks to sponsorship support from Google Fiber, LWB is excited to pilot WALI in San Antonio.

About the Project Coordinator Position

The Project Coordinator will work closely with the Libraries Without Borders team in Washington, DC to coordinate programming for the Wash and Learn Initiative. This will include working with library branches and librarians, community-based organizations, laundromat owners, local residents and other key stakeholders to identify needs and interests, which will inform what types of programming (e.g. workshops, trainings, activities) will be offered at the laundromat.

Responsibilities: 25 - 30 hours a week

● Identify prospective laundromats for participation in WALI

● Build relationships with management, staff, and clients of selected laundromats

● Engage with community organizations and leaders to create customized uses for the laundromat and identify potential program offerings

● Identify and build relationships with prospective funders for related initiatives

● Identify and build relationship with prospective volunteers (if deemed applicable)

● Build relationships with laundromat clients and their families throughout the course of the program to better understand their changing challenges, aspirations, and accomplishments

● Integrate local observations and conversations into programming for both remote and in-person education at the laundromat

● Engage new community organizations/leaders to create customized uses for the laundromat library

● Deliver a minimum of 10 hours of digital literacy programming per week

● Coordinate with the LWB team to collect data that reflects the nuances and interests of the community/neighborhood

In addition, the Project Coordinator may provide support when needed on administrative and communications tasks, including accounting, reporting, fundraising, scheduling, and developing/sharing promotional materials locally and nationally.

Core Requirements

San Antonio native with extensive knowledge of the city

● Bilingual in English and Spanish

● Proven dedication to expanding social equity and economic opportunities

● Experience with community organizing and coalition-building

● Excellent customer service skills and/or experience as direct service provider

● Great people skills and ability to communicate information to a wide audience with varying levels of skills and familiarity

● Demonstrated interest in learning more about how to leverage digital technologies for civic engagement and economic development

● Self-directed and self-motivated individual with creative problem solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively and independently

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple tasks on time and on budget with limited supervision

● Demonstrated commitment to LWB’s mission, vision, and values

Libraries Without Borders is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Interested candidates should contact kat@librarieswithoutborders.us and adam@librarieswithoutborders.us with a resume.

PDF version of this page: San Antonio WALI Project Coordinator