Wash & Learn Initiative

Laundromats provide an ideal space to engage with busy families. Clients return weekly and wait an average of 90 minutes for their clothes to wash and dry. Laundromats are open almost 24/7, providing a space to learn even after the library has closed. LWB has worked in partnership with public libraries and community-based organizations to design, implement, and evaluate the Wash & Learn Initiative (WALI) in 8 states and the District of Columbia.

The Laundry & Literacy Coalition

In March 2017, Libraries Without Borders partnered with the LaundryCares Foundation and Too Small to Fail to create the Laundry Literacy Coalition. This national coalition of libraries and community-based organizations works together to share best-practices and tools. Our goal is to scale literacy programs to the waiting areas of all 30,000 coin laundries across the United States.

I’m a mom with 3 kids and 2 jobs. I want to take a computer class at the library, but my work schedule is always changing and I can’t afford to miss a shift. This program lets me learn on my own time.
— WALI Participant in Detroit

Thank you for donating to support WALI. By meeting families at laundromat waiting areas, WALI reduces transportation and scheduling costs, allowing most WALI programs to cost under $1/engagement.

With any questions about WALI’s methodology, partners, demonstrated impact, and/or volunteer opportunities please e-mail Carly Wais at carly.wais[at]